Company has factory area of appx. 10000sq.ft at two units in Peenya Industrial Estate, Bangalore. This Industrial estate is industrially developed and has all resources available for the manufacturing industry. The office premises has well furnished conference hall, discussion rooms, etc.,

List of Plant and Machinery and Test Equipments

1.       Numerical Three phase relay test kit
2.       Three Phase test kit - 2sets
3.       Single Phase test kits
4.       Digital Multi meters
5.       HV test kit (0-5kV)
6.       Insulation tester
7.       Clamp on meters
8.       Oscilloscope
9.       Hand tools
10.     Drilling machines
11.     Painting thickness guage
12.     Software tools for the development of relays, Designing of schemes
13.     Programming kits
14.     Back up power supply